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        Hitachi Procurement



        Hitachi promotes its global procurement of parts and materials, equipment, machinery, software and related services on a world-wide basis. The driving force behind this activity is the company's Global Procurement Department (GPD).

        Working with purchasing departments in various locations, GPD offers support to foreign corporations who wish to supply products to Hitachi. It also searches for partners who can supply the appropriate parts, materials and services.

        To facilitate its activities, GPD has set up overseas procurement offices in America, Europe, Asia and China. These offices procure parts and materials within their own regions for Hitachi and its affiliated companies around the world. In this sense, GPD and its procurement offices act as Hitachi's "Open Door" to the world.

        If you are interested in initiating business with Hitachi, please contact the following procurement offices.

        World-wide Procurement Infrastructure

        World Map